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'Presence, #1,2020,' © Joanne Dugan

“There’s a crack in everything…that’s how the light gets in.”

​- Leonard Cohen, by way of Rumi

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what are the goals of therapy? 

Effective Therapy can be a transformative experience—a mending and tending to the cracks and fissures of the Self caused by trauma, hurt and addictive habits---in order to form a happy, integrated whole. 

This internal journey of shedding light into our darkest corners leads to healing and self-awareness that allows us to engage in the world with positivity, purpose and joy. 

Much like the Phoenix that rises up reborn and anew from the ashes of anguish and despair, we can shed this light and meet a new, evolved version of ourself. 
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about craig cassidy.

This process of growth requires an individualized and multi-faceted approach to attain insight, courage, compassion and resiliency.

As a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist, I am experienced with assisting you in helping to heal attachment wounds and create empathy for yourself and others around you.
With a 2nd degree in Spiritual Psychology, we can explore how each of life's challenges is an opportunity to discover and complete one's Soul's Curriculum. 

As a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, I am skilled in guiding my clients towards sobriety and self-acceptance and the ability to sit with uncomfortable emotions.

Craig Cassidy,  Therapist
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Individual Therapy

Couples Therapy 

Addiction/Recovery Therapy 

Reinvention Therapy

‘Yantra, #5, 2023,’ © Joanne Dugan

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